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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where is Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC located?

    • Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, part of the greater Portland metropolitan area.

  • Does Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC take a neuroaffirming approach to care?

    • Yes.  Dr. Lundeberg strives to embrace and understand ​the vast scope of neurodiversity seen in the clients he serves.  Dr. Lundeberg's goal is to take into consideration what is best for each individual while helping them navigate the many worlds not designed for them.  By embracing the many remarkable ways we different, we can best understand how to tap into the often hidden strengths that can allow us all the thrive and eventually soar.

  • Can I receive services if I am located outside of Oregon?

    • Dr. Lundeberg is licensed to practice psychology in the state of Oregon and Washington. He is licensed to provide in-office and Telehealth services to clients located in Oregon and Washington.

    • Unfortunately, therapeutic services are not offered for those outside Oregon and Washington.

    • For evaluations, if you are located outside of Oregon,​ services may be provided if Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC is able to obtain a temporarily license from the state you reside in (this is only for evaluation cases and to complete a comprehensive evaluation one day of travel and testing in Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC's Oregon office is required to complete the process).

    • Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC is able to accommodate clients wishing to travel to Oregon for an evaluation by scheduling all appointments during one week to require only one trip.  Oregon Autism Evaluation LLC's office is comfortable walking distance from several hotels as well as dining options, minimizing the need for transportation often to only to and from Portland International Airport (PDX).

  • Do I need a referral from my pediatrican or primary care provider?

    • ​Nope, self-referrals are accepted.​

  • Does Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC accept insurance?

    • ​No, Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC does not bill insurance   This includes all private insurances as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and Oregon Health Plan.  You will be provided a statement that can be submitted to your insurance if you are interested in utilizing out-of-network benefits.

  • What ages does Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC work with?

    • For evaluations, ages 12 and up.  For therapy, ages roughly 12 to about 35-40 years old depending on presenting clinical concern.  Age ranges are guidelines and clients are considered based on fit regarding a potential client's presenting clinical struggles and therapy goals.

  • What are Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC's fees?

    • See our FEES page for more information.​

  • Are masks required for in-person appointments?

    • No.  Unless mandated by the Oregon Health Authority, masks are not required for in-person appointments.  You are welcome to wear a mask for your appointment (although some elements of evaluation appointments require masks to be removed).  You may also ask Dr. Lundeberg to wear a mask for your appointment.  At times, Dr. Lundeberg may chose to wear a mask for his protection.  If you are uncomfortable with this, your appointment can be transitioned to a Telehealth appointment or rescheduled at your request.

  • Is Dr. Lundeberg available as a guest for my podcast or to interview on the subject of autism spectrum disorder?



  • Is Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC accepting new evaluation clients?

    • Yes, Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC is currently accepting evaluation clients.  Those interested in an evaluation service with Dr Lundeberg can fill out the Evaluation Interest Form.​

  • If I don't have autism spectrum disorder, will another diagnosis be made?

    • Comprehensive Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations ​include many considered differential diagnosis, dependent on a client's history and presenting concerns.  If the evidence supports another diagnosis (or a diagnosis in addition to autism spectrum disorder, the evaluation report will reflect that finding.  Additional diagnoses often considered include social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (to name a few).

  • As I have been researching autism evaluations, Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC's total fees seem to be higher than many other options.  Why?

    • As every clinician designs their own evaluation process and selects their own tests, we are unable to answer this question completely as we have not evaluated every provider's approach.  What we can answer is what you receive when choosing Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC for your autism spectrum disorder evaluation.  Dr. Lundeberg strives to ensure that evaluations are completed with the upmost care with detailed considerations for all possible differential diagnoses.  "Thorough" is the word most used to describe Dr. Lundeberg's evaluations.  Autism spectrum disorder is a complicated chameleon of a condition and by taking the closest look possible we ensure careful consideration of all possibilities.  What Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC and Dr. Lundeberg pledge to each client is you will be heard and we will continue to work with you until we have answers to the questions that brought you in.

  • Does Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC have a waitlist for evaluations?

    • No!  Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC does not maintain a waitlist for evaluations because we strive to get clients in as quickly as possible.  These are big questions you are asking and Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC wants to help you find answers without delay.

  • How quickly can an evaluation be started?

    • Generally, the first evaluation appointment can be scheduled within two to three weeks.​

  • How many appointments are necessary for an evaluation?

    • The number of appointments needed varies based on the age of the person being evaluated, the number of differential diagnoses being considered, and the overall complexity of the case.  Typically, there is an intake appointment, a second Telehealth appointment for semi-structured interviews, a full day of in-person testing, and the feedback session.

  • Are evaluations being conducted through Telehealth?

    • While an evaluation cannot be completed entirely through Telehealth, the process has been adapted to include one day of in-person participation.  Evaluation services are currently being conducted through this hybrid model.  Please contact Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC for more information.

  • If I don't live in Oregon or Washington, can I be evaluated for ASD?

    • Finding appropriate ASD evaluation can be limited in many parts of the United States, which certainly can be frustrating.  For those willing to travel to Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC's Lake Oswego office, we can work together to facilitate an evaluation.  Travel to Oregon is necessary as it is important to have in-person testing for accurate ASD evaluation.  Dr. Lundeberg is also not able to, with limited exceptions, able to provide psychological services to those outside Oregon or Washington.  For more information, please contact Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC.

  • What is Dr. Lundeberg's knowledge regarding evaluating for autism spectrum disorder in those assigned female at birth?

    • Dr. Lundeberg is always happy to hear this question!  For years, those assigned female at birth were invalidated and misdiagnosed because psychologists clung to the classic male presentation of autism.  Little consideration was made for masking and camouflaging.  Too many were dismissed because of their ability to make eye contact, have a friend, or their history of imaginative play.  Dr. Lundeberg is well trained and studied in the presentation of autism spectrum disorder in all gender expressions and identities and he would be glad to speak with you about this concern as it is a very important question to be asking. ​

  • What can I expect regarding an evaluations cost?

    • Both the Comprehensive ASD Evaluation and the ASD Evaluation for Therapeutic Recommendations with Verbal Feedback are billed by the hour at a rate of $290 per hour.  In addition to the appointments with client participation (including intake, evaluation sessions, and feedback) other services often needed to complete an evaluation include record review, collateral consultations, consolidation of clinical information, and report writing.  By billing by the hour, each client only pays for the services necessary to complete their evaluation.  Comprehensive ASD Evaluations typically range from $2,500 to $6,500+.  ASD Evaluations for Therapeutic Recommendations with Verbal Feedback typically cost between $2,000 and $4,000+.

  • I want to move forward with an ASD evalaution, what is the first step?


  • Even though the  practice name is Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC, do you provide therapy?​

    • Yes!​  Therapeutic services are also provided by Dr. Lundeberg for individuals both on and off the autism spectrum.

  • Are in-person and Telehealth therapy services available?

    • Yes.  When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC began providing Telehealth therapy appointments.  Dr. Lundeberg has returned to offering in-person therapy appointments, but continues to offer Telehealth sessions when therapeutically appropriate.

  • My child doesn't like to talk, does that make therapy impossible?

    • Not at all.  For many kids, teens, and yes even adults, directly talking about their issues and concerns can be very difficult.  There are a variety of creative ways that Dr. Lundeberg is able to access the clinical issues that meets each client where they are as they adjust to the process.​

  • Is Dr. Lundeberg accepting new therapy clients?

    • Dr. Lundeberg's has a few limited therapy openings and provides therapy sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


  • Does Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC bill/accept insurance?​

    • Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC does not take insurance and does not bill insurance directly.  A reimbursement statement is provided for clients looking to utilize out-of-network benefits that can be submitted by you directly to your insurance provider.​

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