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Referring Providers
For Referring Providers

Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC and Dr. Lundeberg greatly appreciate your referrals.  To improve the experience for prospective clients in the referral process, here are some helpful tips.

What to Tell Prospective Clients

  • Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC contacts every faxed referral with a mailed letter detailing if Dr. Lundeberg may be a good fit to conduct their evaluation and with details on how to move forward.  Physician referrals are appreciated, but not necessary and prospective clients may also contact Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC directly.

  • Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC​ is a private pay practice.  Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC does not accept or bill insurance.   This includes all private insurances as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and Oregon Health Plan.  It is very disappointing to prospective clients to mistakenly believe their insurance will be accepted.

  • Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC does not maintain a waitlist for evaluations because we strive to get clients in as quickly as possible.  First appointments are typically made within two to three weeks of preliminary paperwork being completed and the overall process typically takes two to three months from first appointment to last.

  • Unfortunately, Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC is not accepting potential therapy clients at this time.  The website will be updated once new therapy clients are being accepted.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC at

971-231-0772 or

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